Could Ty Rattie Be A Value Contract?

The Oilers are in desperate need for some value contracts in 2018/19 and they may have just signed one with Ty Rattie. According to cap friendly the deal is a one way, one year contract with a cap hit of $800k. In my post last week assessing the Oilers cap situation going into next season I mentioned that a multi year deal for Rattie with a cap hit close to $1M would be a win and while they only managed to lock him up for one season the cap hit is under the $1M mark.

Is Ty Rattie Any Good?

Here are Rattie’s NHL stats:

Year Team Games Goals Assists points
2013-14 St. Louis Blues 2 0 0 0
2014-15 St. Louis Blues 11 0 2 2
2015-16 St. Louis Blues 13 4 2 6
2016-17 St. Louis Blues 4 0 0 0
2016-17 Carolina Hurricanes 5 0 2 2
2017-18 Edmonton Oilers 14 5 4 9

Rattie has good numbers in the AHL but has never been able to find success at the NHL level until this past season when he was given an opportunity to close out the season playing on McDavids wing.  The Oilers kept Rattie in the AHL for the majority of the season to work on his defensive game and apparently they did see enough of an improvement to re-sign him.

Where Will Ty Rattie Play?

I think Rattie showed good chemistry with McDavid and Nuge to close out the season and if he can continue to produce in that spot this is a very good deal for the Oilers.  It’s no guarantee however that Rattie can hold on to that spot and if he can’t hold onto a top 9 spot on the right side I think he’ll likely be put on waivers and sent to the minors.

Who Is Ty Rattie Competing With?

Assuming that Nuge stays at LW and Draisaitl stays at center Rattie will be competing with Jesse Puljujarvi, Kailer Yamamoto, Drake Caggiula (RFA), Pontus Aberg and if they do things right a new veteran winger. If the Oilers don’t bring in another veteran right winger I think a top 6 spot is there for Ty Rattie unless he completely falls on his face and if they do sign one Rattie’s main competition will be Kailer Yamamoto who is in a similar situation in that it really only makes sense to have him in the NHL if he’s on a skilled line.

So, Was This A Good Signing?

Yes. Absolutely.  No risk at all, if he fails he’s in the minors and doesn’t affect the cap at all and if he succeeds he’s a much needed value contract for the Oilers.  I would have liked to see him signed for longer term and would have paid a bit more to see it happen but I’m happy with this deal.

2 thoughts on “Could Ty Rattie Be A Value Contract?

  1. Brian Dann

    I like this signing. They should keep Yamamotto in the A.H.L to start and call him up if needed the same with bear.

    1. jtunnicliff Post author

      Agreed. Unless Yamamoto blows the doors off in pre-season some time in the AHL will be good.


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