The Oilers Win Connor McDavid!

About the only thing the Edmonton Oilers can win in recent history is the draft lottery and they’ve done it again. Unless something really crazy happens the Oilers will select Connor McDavid with the first overall pick who has been projected to be a generational talent similar to Sydney Crosby so I thought it would be a good idea to do some comparisons.

These are stats from the draft years for Connor McDavid, Sydney Crosby, Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov

Connor McDavid

47gp 44g 76a 120pts (2.55ppg)

Sydney Crosby

62gp 66g 102a 168pts (2.70ppg)

Taylor Hall

57gp 40g 66a 106pts (1.85ppg)

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

69gp 31g 75a 106pts (1.53ppg)

Nail Yakupov

42gp 31g 38a 69pts (1.64ppg)

Clearly McDavid is much closer to Crosby than he is to any of the other 1st round picks the Oilers have had, so what will this mean for the Oilers going forward and the young core already in place? Sydney Crosby scored 39 goals and 102 points in his rookie season and while I don’t think its fair to expect similar numbers from McDavid I do think he’ll be the Oilers #1 line centre this season and score at a point per game pace. So if the Oilers go with McDavid and Nuge as the top 2 centres is there any point in signing Roy to an extension, and does this make Leon Draisatl a key piece that will bring in a stud D-man or #1 goalie?

Its interesting to me that both McDavid and Roy shoot left, perhaps it would work to resign Roy and have him centre Mcdavid and Yak until McDavid is comfortable enough to move to centre.

One thought on “The Oilers Win Connor McDavid!

  1. Cody Tugak

    keep Hall, Hopkins, Eberle, Draisitle, trade yakupov, ference, nikitin, and fasth for better d or goalie, look at the young tallented d thats just about to mature more and more like Nurse, Marincin, Klefbom, Dillon Simpson, Keith Aulie and Mark Fayne was a good addition, and also by trading away nikitin ference and fasth will open up more cap space, if youre going to trade away yakupov, make sure you get something good in return


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